Tucson, Arizona

The mission of El Rio Health Community Health Center is to provide quality, comprehensive and culturally-sensitive healthcare in an atmosphere of respect and dignity for patient and staff. Through direct services, advocacy and education, the Center strives to improve the health and well-being of the Tucson community. CDG Architects promoted this mission by providing a building design with a comfortable atmosphere, functional spatial relationships, and patient-friendly design solutions. CDG Architects conducted an extensive program analysis to meet the goals of the clinic. It was determined that the Business Administration, which houses the office of the Facility Manager and the main Reception Area would be best served at the entrance of the main Lobby. The public spaces, including waiting and restroom facilities, were designed with maximum comfort and natural lighting to provide an atmosphere that would relieve some of the anxiety of patients and family members waiting for appointments and/or exam and test results. The other departments were evaluated with consideration of physical space, spatial relationships, staff needs, patient comfort, privacy levels, and lighting control. The project also inicluded medical offi ce space for Primary Care Physicians, Pharmacy, Staff Lounge area, Medical Record Storage space, and the Business Administration Department.

Principal Architect Frank Mascia FAIA, ACHA
Owner/Client El Rio Community Health Center
Contractor BFL Construction Company, Inc.
Date Completed June 1995
Size of Project 20,000 SF New Construction on 2.1 acres
Construction Estimate $850,000
Construction Cost $820,600
Cost/Square Foot $90